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mistral amsterdam

mistral is a space formakingconstellations,inspired by collecting as an activated state of being, that potentially never settles. mistral is also a space to hang out and to be in conversation—shared with people and collectives in kinship.
We are situated on the ground floor overlooking the water on the west corner of Pakhuis Wilhelmina in Amsterdam. mistral will be in hibernation from 15 april 2022.


With the wind of the same name, mistral shares the capacity to uncover and amass content, while being aware of the dynamic and circular processes of this act of accumulation.
mistral is interested in the concept of collection not as a noun, but as a verb: a collection could endlessly be assigned significance depending on how it is contextualized and who interacts with it. A collection doesn’t only involve ‘things’, but also caretakers, ephemeral matter and relationships. Rather than exclusivity being the conclusion, we prefer to embrace the complexity and abundance from which things are accumulated.
mistral aims to work with specific kinds of collections—both private as well as institutional, within visual arts and beyond, organized or messy—as a way to engage and make public the urgency and community that has made that collection possible, and meaningful.

mistral was initiated in 2020 by Huib Haye van der Werf and Radna Rumping. Currently Huib Haye van der Werf is steering the program, in collaboration with artists and likeminded organisations. mistral's design is developed by Karoline Swiezynski.


mistral is in hibernation.


2022 exhibition & screening

  Stephan Blumenschein

2022 display

  Proxy Gaze

2021 performance & film

2021 exhibition

  Luca Locati Luciani

2021 exhibition

  Sands Murray-Wassink

2021 display

  Damon Zucconi

2020 summer hangouts

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mistral amsterdam


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